ID12091 SPOT is a male Bull Arab X. Spot is available for adoption. Come into the Shelter and meet Spot

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ID 12067 SCOUT is a cattle X. Scout is available for adoption. Come into the Shelter and meet Scout

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Chester - DOB 06/06/09 - ID 12058. Chester is a male Labrador X. Chester is available for adoption. Come to the Shelter and meet him.

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Buddy - DOB 01/06/07 - ID 8089. Buddy is a male Shih Tzu. Buddy is a Shih Tzu with personality. He is very cuddly and loves his walks and lots of company. He is good with other dogs. He has a condition called "Dry Eye" which means he will need to have drops put in his eyes daily for the rest of his life. The drops are not expensive. He also came in with bad skin allergies but this has all cleared up. He will need to be bathed and kept flea free as every dog should be to make sure this problem does not return. His house training is going really well. He needs a home where he will be part of the family and get lots of love.

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Sky is truly a sweetheart of a dog, she has a calm nature but still knows how to have a good time with her ball. She is ok with other dogs and she would be well suited to a family, couple or single looking for a four legged friend to join the team. She walks fine on the lead and really enjoys getting out for some much needed exercise before crashing out on her bed!

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RAZOR - ID 12045 - DOB 01/06/13 - Razor is a Border Collie X Medium Cross Breed (B & W) Razor is available for adoption. Come to the shelter and meet Razor

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Stella is one outgoing gal! She is bursting with energy and ideally she would thrive on a farm or large property as she loves to run and chase things! Having said that she would also be a great pet for an active family, couple or single in a suburban home with a large backyard. She is still quite young and trainable, walks ok on the lead and gets along well with some other dogs.

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Tyber DOB 27/06/13 ID 11913 is a Red Cattle Dog who is available for adoption. Come into the Shelter to meet Tyber.

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This beauty lives like she hasn't a care in the world. Whether it's frolicking around with pure excitement on her face or having a sun bake, her happiness knows no bounds. Like all one year olds, Scarlett has plenty of energy so daily walks are recommended. Scarlett loves to be around people and would make an excellent addition to a loving family.

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Tookie is a fairly calm natured dog at PAA but he can still have bursts of energy when someone throws him a ball or wants to take him for his walk. He doesn't enjoy the company of children or other animals and would be best suited to a couple or single without kids or pets. While he may seem like he is quite happy to just laze around all day in the sun he does enjoy getting out for a walk and he walks well on the lead.

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