SCOOBY - ID 13466 - STAFFY X CATTLE DOG - MALE - DOB 04/07/2014

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RINGO - ID 12832 - CATTLE DOG X - MALE - DOB 25/06/2014 - With a name like "Ringo" you can be certain that this dog is unforgettable. Ringo is a stunning red Cattle Dog cross with a friendly nature and the most beautiful tail. He loves daily walks, playing fetch and swimming in his pool. Like most cattle dogs, Ringo has plenty of energy so a very big yard or acreage would be perfect for him. Ringo gets along with some dogs, so if you already have a four legged companion, a meet and greet is essential. Ringo is a star in the making ..... all he needs is love.

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Mitch (was Bluey)

MITCH - ID 12827 - AUSTRALIAN RED CATTLE DOG - MALE - DOB 01/05/2015 - This Cattle Dog is a definite water baby, loving to run and jump in his pool all day. He is also fond of fetch and gets excited for his daily walks. Mitch has taught himself to climb fences and can also jump quite high, so a solid, tall fence is essential. Being a Cattle Dog, Mitch has an endless amount of energy and would thrive best on acreage. He gets along with some dogs, so a meet and greet is essential if you have another four legged friend.

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GERRY - ID 12457 - STAFFY X - MALE - DOB 31/03/2015. Gerry is a loveable larrikin. He has a charming personality and an infectious cheeky grin that will make you never want to leave his side. He has a genuine love for human companionship and would love to be in a home where he basks in endless amounts of love and affection. Gerry loves going for daily walks and walks well on the lead. He gets along well with other dogs but if you currently have a four legged friend a meet and greet is essential.

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TOOKIE - ID 8053 - STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER - MALE - DOB 19/9/2010. Tookie is a calm natured dog but still has his bursts of energy when someone throws him a ball. Generally he is quite happy to just laze around all day in the sun. Tookie loves his daily walks and walks nicely on the lead. He is best suited to a household without other pets or children. Come into the shelter and meet Tookie.

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JOYCE - ID 6305 - STAFFY X - FEMALE - DOB 22/04/2008 - Joyce is one of our longest staying residents at PAA and this is probably due to her preference for the single life! While she doesn't like being around other animals and small children, she gets along well with adults and would make a great companion for them. Joyce loves to play and lay around soaking up the sunshine. Come into the shelter and meet Joyce.

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