SCARLETTE - ID 12651 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 04/04/2014

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SCOOTER - ID 12878 - DMH - MALE - DOB 03/02/2013 Scooter was surrendered to us as he was being a bossy boy to the girl cats in his household. This boy is a big sook with a big purr. However it would be best if he is the only cat in the household as he likes ALL the attention. You will need to visit him in the Quarantine as he does not get along with the other boys. He is happy roaming around with the shy girls demanding any pats that are on offer.

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SARAH - ID 12792 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 01/01/2016 I have been adopted a few times because i'm so loving, but I don't like a-lot of noise so I know I would like to be an only pet. Maybe in a quiet home where I can give and receive unconditional love and attention. I might be shy at first but please give me a chance.

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KAMILLA - ID 12522 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 22/01/2014. Although I love a pat and a scratch behind my ears, I'm a bit frightened of a lot of activity. So I think I would like to be in a home where I can get all the attention. Did i mention I LOVE food especially roo meat.

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VINNIE - ID 12355 - DSH - MALE - DOB 08/10/2015

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ZAHARA - ID 12357 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 01/06/2015 I came to the shelter because my family could no longer afford to keep me. I was very shy when I first came in but now I'm getting much better and I love a pat and a scratch. Looking froward to finding my forever home soon.

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POPPY - ID 12242 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 01/01/2015

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PEBBLES - ID 12224 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 13/07/2015 I've been at the shelter for a long time now. (since I was a baby) I'm a bit reserved so I get over looked. Please give me a chance to live in a home where I can play and have a family to call my own.

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CALLEN - ID 12197 - DMH - MALE - DOB 11/05/2015

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ANGEL - ID 12183 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 19/09/2014

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