NALA - ID 13073 - DMH - FEMALE - DOB 28/11/2013

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Bonnie (was Mittens)

BONNIE - ID 12985 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 10/04/2016 I came to the shelter when i was less than 12 months old with a litter of kittens. So I didn't get much time to be a kitten myself. I have very pretty markings on my fur. And I am looking forward to finding my forever home. Are you my new family?

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IZZY - ID 13004 - DMH - FEMALE - DOB 17/04/2016 I came to the shelter when I was just a kitten. That was about 485 days ago. I was a bit shy at first but I've decided that this is my year to find my forever home. I don't mind getting a pat but I get a bit overwhelmed by all the other girls that I have to share with. I looking forward to living in a loving home.

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BELLE - ID 13010 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 22/08/2015 My owner got sick and could no longer look after me so I know all about living in a home. I think I'd like to be the only cat in your household. Can you give me a home?

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MOE - ID 12979 - DSH - MALE - DOB 24/08/2016

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LUNA - ID 12944 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 14/09/2014 I came to the shelter as a stray. But I'm sure I must have had a family because I like being around people.

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SARAH - ID 12792 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 01/01/2016 I have been adopted a few times because i'm so loving, but I don't like a-lot of noise so I know I would like to be an only pet. Maybe in a quiet home where I can give and receive unconditional love and attention. I might be shy at first but please give me a chance.

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KAMILLA - ID 12522 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 22/01/2014. Although I love a pat and a scratch behind my ears, I'm a bit frightened of a lot of activity. So I think I would like to be in a home where I can get all the attention. Did i mention I LOVE food especially roo meat.

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ZAHARA - ID 12357 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 01/06/2015 I came to the shelter because my family could no longer afford to keep me. I was very shy when I first came in but now I'm getting much better and I love a pat and a scratch. Looking froward to finding my forever home soon.

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POPPY - ID 12242 - DSH - FEMALE - DOB 01/01/2015

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