Wish List

A big thank you to all you dedicated animal lovers who continually support PAA in this area. Your help is appreciated so much!

Dog Requirements

Collars for small and medium sized dogs

Royal Canin and Eukanuba Dried Food (Preferred)

Supercoat dried food for small and medium to large dogs (Preferred)

Tinned and dried Supercoat for puppies

Frozen Vegetables

Sardines in Oil

Fresh Beef or Chicken Meat

Greek Yogurt

Fidos White and Bright Shampoo

Drontal Worming for Puppies

Comfortis Wormer/Flea Treatment (For small dogs)

Capstar Flea Treatment (For small and medium to large dogs)

Quality check chains for medium and large dogs (purchase from vet, pet shop or produce agency)

Cat Needs

Dry Food Only
Black Hawk Chick and Rice

Advance Kitten Plus Growth
Advance Adult Cat Chicken

Worming Tablets

(Drontal/Milbemax for kittens)

Cat Collars

Quick release safety collars

Advocate, Revolution & Advantage
For all size cats and kittens

Kitty Litter
(Non Clumping Please)

Feliway Spray
(Bought from a Veterinary Surgery/Clinic)

Cat Toys -

Any and all please

For Our Wonderful Volunteers

Biscuits, Cakes, Snacks


Aeroguard and Sunscreen

Office Supplies

Cello Tape

A4 (80sgm) Copy Paper


Black Pens


55 Litre Size Garbage Bags
Much needed daily

Hand Wash- Anti-bacterial (Preferred)

PAA Laundry and Toilet

Toilet Cleaning Products

Toilet Paper

Laundry Powder for front loading machine
(We use 20 kilo buckets as the washing is endless)

Soap on Tap with refills


Improvements to Shelter & Maintenance

All/Any Pope Brand Hose Fittings

15mm x 12mm reinforced hoses. Hose fittings, spray heads and hose joiners

Sugarcane Mulch

Searles potting mix


How to Help